Game Frozen

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Game Frozen

Postby JMFA » Feb 17, 2019

Who fix that issues?
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Re: Game Frozen

Postby SunnyCorner » Feb 18, 2019

The screen shot shows its the 10th hand and the person to JMFA's left has passed to him.
All passes are complete and JMFA has the 2 of clubs – and so its JMFA's lead.
His cards have unfortunately shuffled – but the app is prompting him to play. Shuffled cards are annoying – we've all had it happen I expect – but it doesn't (or should't) stop the game.
This suggests that the game is not frozen.

The interesting thing would be what happened next? If the app threw JMFA out it could not be a freeze (unless its his machine?) so the app was working as it should. If its JMFA's machine then its his issue – not the app.

If the app threw him out for not playing he would lose points but only if the others carried on with the game.

Finally – JMFA does have a very poor hand QS + 9S and 2S – highly likely he is about to crash out on 82 - he is way ahead of the others. Looks very suspicious to me but there is no concrete evidence. My advice in these circumstances would be to let the app work (which would have thrown JMFA out) and others carry on playing.

Hope thats helpful. Regards Ice

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Re: Game Frozen

Postby billy » Feb 18, 2019

It's true. You only get what you pay for !! We pay peanuts for this game and can't expect it to be flawless. Just the opposite - full of flaws.
I have faced similar play or quit remarks, even whilst in front. I have played in games recently where Scott the Bot has turned up to replace someone who has allegedly quit, yet they are still there in the chat, asking what the hell has happened. Can anyone explain that ?? We now have a game full of quitters, abusers, early leavers, freezing and connection issues and no-one available to do anything about it.
My knowledge of computers is minimal. My knowledge on Hearts, not much higher, as many of you will be quick to agree with me on. However i know to ASSUME can make an ASS of U and ME. But has the pass come from JMFA's left ? 234 points in total does suggest 9 hands played, so possibly this is the 10th hand and the pass was from left. But could there have been moons ? is there a sure way of knowing ? I hope someone can correct me for possible ignorance on my part but 78 points instead of 26 on the scoreboard could leave a total of 182 and it would be holding hands time. Only those playing would know.
None of that is really helpful, but worth noting. But I've been in many similar situation in the earlier days, and believe me, it's very frustrating when you can do nothing about it but just take accusations and abuse. However if the same person is caught out, too often, over the same thing, you would become suspicious.
I would also point out that with just a bare club, there would be a slight chance of losing the Q if clubs are led again. Nuge and TIG wouldn't be trying to force JMFA with her. But it's all guesswork, assumptions and playing the percentages.
As Ice says, there's no concrete evidence.
And finally, I did find it amusing to see that the player with 20+ aliases was advised to report it !!
This is purely observation on my part, and in no way meant to cause offence.

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