Kirkwood got his feelings hurt and quit

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Kirkwood got his feelings hurt and quit

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Kirkwood got his feelings hurt when old1 asked about his quiting and left

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Re: Kirkwood got his feelings hurt and quit

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I never got around to posting my Kirkwood quitting story but I guess with all these posts I should share it. I have previously posted about his whining but did start playing with him again and was actually surprised that he no longer whined, at least when I was in the game. Was playing with Kirkwood, IrishDan and Birillone Jan 18 and Birillone was low. Was getting late in the game and Dan had the lead and played a card and Kirkwood took the trick. Kirkwoods hand was bad and he led the king of spades. I was holding the queen and since I had no more spades for protection it was played. At this point the game turned all the cards over because Kirkwood would take the remaining tricks. Kirkwood whined at Dan for a bad lead the previouis trick and then promptly quit. When all the cards were turned over you could see that the only suit Dan could have led to not ensnare Kirkwood was Diamonds but unfortunately he had no Diamonds to lead. Kirkwood had a bad hand and as we all know sometimes that happens but fortunately there are not many players as immature as Kirkwood who quit when they have a bad hand.

Dan invited me to join a game he was hosting a week or so later but he already had Kirkwood in the game which surprised me given what had happened a week earlier. I referenced the incident and was surprised when Dan said he did not recall the incident but I am sure if you ask Birillone he will recall it.

I see Billy is giving him a second chance but to me that is giving oxygen to a problematic player. I for one will not play with him and I hope others will follow suit so he will be forced to quit and adopt a new name and start from scratch again and hopefully gain some maturity in the future. I will not play with anyone playing under the name of Kirkwood in the future.

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Re: Kirkwood got his feelings hurt and quit

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Very good post and explanation. Obviously qualities I don't have. All my recent posts have been read by many but so far ignored by all, except the one from Kate. Care is needed to explain a situation perfectly, and as with emails and texts as well, you don't always get the true interpretation. I can assure you and everyone else I will never ever knowingly play with quitters. But they have to quit on me. Those that I've played and have admitted they've quit on me, I will never play again. Kirkwood has never quit on me. My reasons for not playing him for over a year were that he was aggressive, unfriendly, had the ability to blame others to cover his mistakes, attempted to belittle others with no success for him there with me. Apologies for repetition :- Spartan hosted, Butchdude had joined, I was invited and within seconds Kirkwood appears in lobby and becomes 4th player ( don't know whether it was inv or join) but before I knew it, they had all started. I faced a situation that I'd been in before, where I wanted to leave before game started but had been accused of it being classified as quitting. Did I want to a repeat of that ? I then thought that if Spartan was prepared to play him, then why shouldn't I and so avoid the risk of further accusations. So decided to start and it was played in friendly manner, congrats to me for winning, pleasant chats with him, last one to leave etc, etc. I will also mention that in the past, I have refused invites from people when I see KW has already joined. I do thank for the invite, just say I'll pass as I don't play with KW.
I suppose I'm quite impulsive, and if I'm going to reply, I do so pretty much straight away. Perhaps if your game of 26th Jan had been posted sooner, it would have influenced my decision. We'll never know. I will 100% agree with you and never play him again, if he ever quits on me, and for any of the other reasons that I earlier mentioned.
I find Dan a very good and friendly player, never, ever a bad word from him during game, yet he played him again a week later, allegedly.
Finally, I am fully aware that KW is problematic. The posts on here, speak for themselves. He's got previous history. He's the main topic. I often wonder how he's so high up the leaderboard. He can only keep gaining points by playing top players. So some are giving him gametime. In the 3 games I played him, my points total raised by 24 points. That lifted me a few places, but because I don't play that often, due to selective player issue, I'm back to where I was.
If I need to justify myself further, I can tell you that I've been told by a self-confessed quitter ( posts from last year will verify ) to seek professional help. I did and he simply said don't play with players that have actually quit on you. I jest - I don't take life too seriously !! I wouldn't expect others to avoid him because of me.Find out for yourselves. But I've never played him again despite his many crazy invites.

Still the reluctant hypocrite !!

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