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There was a string on scoring started by Aidan and it is now gone but I hope it is not too late for input.

I don't support Naisaylam proposal. If a player wins at a 20% rate and plays more than 2X a player that wins at 40% they would have a higher level so that system rewards players for how frequently they play not necessarily how well they play.

I was supportive of most everything Cool proposed.

When I first started playing I thought the scoring system was good as the "cream of the crop" were at the top. In the current system you are rewarded for playing frequently and only playing with other players that at are at a high level to minimize pts. lost when you lose. I know one of the problems with the previous scoring system was that when a player got to #1 they often stopped playing to bask in their glory.

Seems to me the optimal scoring system is one where you are not necessarily rewarded for playing more frequently but you are penalized for not playing frequently enough. I would propose that you go back to the previous scoring system while looking at some of Cool's proposals that may improve it. That system did not reward players for playing more and there was no issue of only playing higher rated players as I recall. I think some sort of point penalty should be implemented if you do not play for a week or 2. Maybe that penalty is less (3 days) if the player is in the #1 spot.

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Re: Scoring

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I disagree with the frequency being a counter toward standing. I have to go without WiFi for often 3 months. I like to play but I hate to lose a bunch of points for being gone. I really dislike the current system of scoring since it is hard for us 4000's to get a game since the scoring is very punitive for losing to me. I have a 82% rating of winning or placing. Only an 18% loss rate yet I have played for a year constant and find that I have only 20 games for last two months. Per hour that is less than one since player that have >5000 points don't want the risk..

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