lighthouse targeting

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lighthouse targeting

Post by beachbum »

does anyone else get tired of lighthouse targeting certain players

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Re: lighthouse targeting

Post by jbruch »

Guess you mean Lighthorse. This is why I stopped playing with him whether he was targeting me or another player it destroys the game. He seems to believe it is the job of other players to help him win. When they don't do what he wants he gets frustrated and targets them. The only solution to problematic players is to not play with them

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Re: lighthouse targeting

Post by SunnyCorner »

LOL - he doesn't target anyone - he isn't good enough to be able to do that - he just slings the points cards anywhere. On a wider note, there are now so many that won't play with each other its become ridiculous - 10 or more in the lobby and you still can't start a game.
The new version will go someway to stopping it - if they don't play there won't be enough games played in a month for them to generate a good score.

Regards Ice

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