Kicked out of the game unintentionally...

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Kicked out of the game unintentionally...

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Hi everyone.

I want to apologize to JBW, John Dee and Guida M for leaving a game played together yesterday.
I was trying to chat something when suddenly, poof... get returned to iPad's Home Screen without any possibility to come back in the game anymore.
Very disappointed.

By the same occasion, I want to apologize too, to Joker, HowCoolIsThat and steveamida in a game played together a few months ago (better late than never).
I had a bad behaviour.
I thought one of you was laughing at me (hope it wasn't the case) so I used rude words to respond.
I want you to be indulgent on me considering that English isn't my first language.
I don't always understand all the subtlety of your jokes.

Finally, just to remind you that I really like playing Hearts here on this site because the majority of players are honest, friendly, mature enough and are playing very well comparing to other sites.

Hope to see you soon in a game.


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