sorry about the quit

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sorry about the quit

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I need to set the record strait. There has been a time when I have had to quit the game I was playing and due to that there are a few people that I have made upset. Im truly sorry if I have upset people but just a little insite on why I left. Im a fireman with the local town I live in and the time I left we had a call on an accident and I had to respond. Now I'm not making excuses for my absence I really enjoy playing this game and I will do my best to not leave again.

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Re: sorry about the quit

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I'm happy with that - a man who admits a problem and tells the truth. I'd play any time. Best. Iceman

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Re: sorry about the quit

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Okay, fair enough.
I'm ex Navy and one of my best mates was a Firey in Adelaide.
Apology accepted.

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