unleashing a monster.

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unleashing a monster.

Post by billy »

It would seem that you've unleashed a monster here Aidan. We now have an abundance of quitters, fraudsters, double identities, freezers, foul mouthed abusers, liars, so-called comedians, idiots and who knows who else. Along with the bad deals with too many regular unfair distribution of cards, the faulty connections, loss of points for no apparent reason, difficulty in leaving an already abandoned game and being the one penalised, it's becoming frustrating for the genuine players to accept.
Trying to get a game these days is becoming more difficult. Everyone needs to be more tolerant. Different nationalities and cultures are a universal problem. Not just in Hearts. Things said light-heartedly and in all innocence can be taken the wrong way. I remember an instance with Iceman who told someone to "keep their pecker up ". Back here in the UK that means keep your chin up, don't get despondent. But in the U.S of A it is a sexual suggestive expression. Not sure how its taken in OZ. You would think having the chat switched off during games would help. I didn't intend getting too involved in the recent issues but I like to feel that I'm a reasonable sort of guy who is prepared to hear all sides of any argument. So here goes.
QUITTERS - I have never, ever quit a game all the time I've been playing. Why should I ? lose 25 points but only 5 or so for not winning the game. However, my profile, which no longer works, showed that I'd quit 5/6 times. I was in games where others left, and I was last one standing. !0 minutes or so of inactivity and I end only to find that I've quit. How can you quit when all the others have left ? I think there is a current issue about this, but I must admit it hasn't happened to me since the earlier days. I've had people say they're frozen but refuse to leave. Make jokes about it and as soon as someone else ends, they miraculously become unfrozen and carry on, making jokes all the time. That probably covers the freezers and comedians. However it is still difficult for me to know who is a genuine freezer or quitter, as both these situations have happened to me and I'm certainly not either. The foul mouthers speak for themselves. I have absolute zero tolerance with them. More and more are doing it and even some of those that weren't are now jumping on the bandwagon. Fraudsters- again, absolute zero tolerance from me. Double identities - not sure. If it is designed to cheat and deceive its unacceptable. I don't know many examples, but I have no problem playing Pumkin or Chandy if I know they are one and the same. If one played on Mac and the other on pad at the same game I would quickly change my mind. There are a couple that do this and I will play them singularly but not in the same game. I wouldn't accuse them of cheating until it could be proved, but there's obviously doubt in my mind. Finally I don't enjoy playing what I would call unfriendly players. Those that can't even past the time of day with you and cannot return a greeting. Perhaps they have to pay to use their keypad ! There's also those that refuse to give credit for a moon , but would always point a finger at others for allowing it. But if you were to ignore all these people along with the others above, you would get very few games. I hope I haven't upset anyone in particular, as this has been aired with the best of intentions. Billy

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Re: unleashing a monster.

Post by Dean6417 »

Billy, you have encapsulated that which I and one or two others have been frustrated about and expressed on here for quite some time, but you have done it far more eloquently than I.
Just to clear one matter up and to remark on another:

1. keep your pecker up in Oz (Australia for the uninitiated) has the identical meaning here as it does in England.

I believe it was a wartime expression spoken to fellow soldiers in extremely difficult circumstances meaning to "keep your courage up mate"

2. I wasn't aware of the profile situation and have probably copped the same,
loss of points for the same reasons.
On this, a game i played last night (2 in fact) the game was done and dusted and one of the players left as soon as the last card hit the deck, yep, left stranded!
Cheers Billy, always a pleasure to play a gentleman.Deano

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Re: unleashing a monster.

Post by SunnyCorner »

I agree with everything said on here and so will all other decent and honourable players. There was much discussion about 2 years ago when rankings were introduced and some players (quite rightly) said they didn't want to have a serious game - thats why the casual option was put there. As far as I can see its never used there yet we get constant criticism from some players (who have deliberately selected the "competitive" option) for taking it too seriously!
Aidan you really need to set aside some time and sort some of this out!
As well as the issues above there are technical issues with the distribution of cards that are steadily getting worse. All of the good players know this Aidan - its not about luck or reflecting life - there's a problem!
Some of us have offered to help you Aidan and I'm sure that remains the case...........
Best. Iceman

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