A.I. is Definitely Better!

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A.I. is Definitely Better!

Postby Linux Vista » Jul 09, 2013

This is a review on the A.I. For people, who are interested to know, about the improvements! They are definitely better! Definitely, an upgrade! Harder to beat! I've played them, numerous times! The best players, in terms of skills and predictability are Scott, Klaus and Terry! There are a few games that I have been paying my attention to. Games, that, I basically, RESEARCHED! Or more, appropriately, EXPERIMENTED! Six games so far, out of many, that I didn't pay attention too!

First arrangement. Scott, Terry and Klaus.

First game, I won! I shot the moon in the game....

Second game, I placed second. Klaus won.

Third game, I won, again....

Second arrangement. Terry, Scott and Klaus.

First game, Placed third. Scott was first and Klaus was the first runner - up! Fourth was, you know....

Second game, I won! BUT, Klaus took the icing on the cake when he shot the moon in the last hand. The 14th hand! What have baffled me, was that he gave away the points and not choosing to deduct his, so that, he would win! My setting was set to ALWAYS ASK, meaning, that you, will be able to deduct or add points, to others!

Third game, I won.

Although, they are more sophisticated and harder to beat, they are still fairly easy! Scott is better using the second arrangement.... He is a douche, sometimes..... Terry is best, when playing using the first arrangement! I know that Klaus, have won a lot more times. BUT, there is nothing special about his techniques! Scott is the best - skilled player out of all the players available. Not just, the three! BUT, he is quite predictable! Terry is the worst out of the 3, BUT. still the third best overall! He may be third, but he is the most unpredictable, out of the players, not just with the three. that, I have mentioned by NAMES! Klaus is second overall! Second best - skilled A.I. and second too predictability wise! Overall! I have shot the moon quite a few number of times, playing with them! Not that difficult, I guess.... BUT, I don't and won't mention the other times, in details. Scott is the best player, if you want a challenging game. Remember to place him, in the middle, for even more, challenging experience! I've tried! There is at least 1 MORE thing, that I have to mention, but can't remember! Maybe, I will state the facts later. Maybe, maybe not!

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Re: Definitely Better!

Postby Aidan » Apr 30, 2014

A.I. has hopefully improved in version 2.6.

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