Undo passing and speeding up play

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Undo passing and speeding up play

Postby tommaso » Jul 21, 2011

I'm a new player of GrassGames' Hearts.
1) is there an undo function? Sometimes, I click barely to the side of a card to pass, and get the adjoining one by mistake.
2) is there a way to speed up the play?

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Re: Undo passing and speeding up play

Postby Aidan » Apr 30, 2014

In version 2.6 and onwards, if you click on the card you just passed quickly it will undo that last passed card.
You will have to be quick, and it only works on the last card passed, not all.

The upcoming mobile versions will have various confirm card selection options for all card selections.

Game speed should be faster now than when you originally posted.

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