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Postby Tullinge » Aug 01, 2010


Don't know if someone is still willing to work on this great little game, but if so, here are some suggestions from my side.

Easy to implement:
- In the "View License"-Screen it would be much more motivating to see the medal earned on the different championships instead of just a check mark to indicate that it is unlocked. Even better would be showing the medal and the points, so that there is the motivation of getting 20 GoldMedals with 60 points. At the moment you don't have an overview of what you have already achieved.

- A nice sound combined with the text "Perfect Lap" when finished a lap without touching any walls or opponents.

- A Link to this Forum in the game, maybe behind a "Help"-Button. I ran across this site accidentally after downloading an outdated version of the game.

Not so easy to implement:
- More tracks
- A track-designer would be awesome, so that people can share there own designed tracks. Don't know whether this would work with the way the opponents are programmed though.
- Online Multiplayer mode :-)

Anyhow: Thanks for this nice and free game!


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Re: Suggestions

Postby Aidan » Aug 02, 2010

Good suggestions there Tullinge - if I get time I'll look into them. Time is a problem. Multiplayer mode would be a lot of fun though...

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