Rigged Deals: Intelligence

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Rigged Deals: Intelligence

Postby tmno2 » Aug 06, 2016

This will probably be another one of those discussions where I conduct the whole conversation with myself. That is, if previous experience is to be any guide.


It has been my experience that whenever there are two cards, a king and queen, remaining prior to any shuffle and deal, in either the second last or last play, the king ALWAYS comes out on top of the queen. By ALWAYS I do mean each and every time this situation occurs, which in my case, has to be in the hundreds, could be even thousands, considering the number of times I have actually played this game.

This result is guaranteed no matter how many times you undo and replay this last hand.

The only way that this outcome can be varied, in my experience, is that if you see it coming, leave at least three or four cards for the final shuffle and deal. How is this achieved?
Well, if you get to the stage with the king and queen are the only cards left before the next play, UNDO once, then go for the next play, you may then achieve a fighting chance of winning the game.

Supporting or alternative opinions would be appreciated.

et al.

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