Agnes Bernauer - card placement issue

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Ms Puzzler
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Agnes Bernauer - card placement issue

Postby Ms Puzzler » Jul 01, 2013

When playing Agnes Bernauer, the Foundation is set to Ace. However, I cannot place a King on a Tableau empty spot. Please confirm if this is a bug.


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Re: Agnes Bernauer - card placement issue

Postby Aidan » Jul 01, 2013

The foundation does not always start with an Ace, but can be any rank depending on the first card dealt.

I've checked when it is an Ace and you can move Kings to the spaces, so I think all is working fine.

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Re: Agnes Bernauer - card placement issue

Postby jac3d » Feb 12, 2016

I believe the issue is that often the base card will change to an ace during play when a different card is shown at play start. It is true that if an ace is shown at the beginning, a king can be placed for play, but if the ace is changed during play, only the original card will be "remembered".

I have had the same problem as long as I've had 3D Solitaire, and it still happens after the recent update. It is definitely a bug.

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