Ports not opening

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Ports not opening

Postby Dean6417 » Oct 11, 2015

Another day, another day of frustrations from the administrators.
Ports won't open to allow me to host.
The pop-up on login to the lobby says" error, you may have trouble opening port number 43111.refer to forum"

Port opening 43111 happens to be the port used to access the game, for which I have PAID.
But, and at the risk of repeating myself, again, why are you referring players who encounter this problem to the forum?
There is nothing on here that remotely offers a solution to the problem.
Furthermore it is random,i.e it happens spasmodically : months without a problem and then for no "apparent" reason it defaults.
But, and this is the crying shame:

The same problem has been occurring for years.
People (like Raid) have offered to help (see forum dated Jan 2012 and april 2013) why don't you accept their help?
But you don't fix this or it seems ANY of the problems that people complain about on here.

This,along with a myriad of other problems, is frustrating and is in reality cheating the punter.

Please fix this problem.
Please Do-not send me emails unless they relate directly to this problem.

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Re: Ports not opening

Postby marekjoz » Oct 11, 2015

"The pop-up on login to the lobby says" error, you may have trouble opening port number 43111.refer to forum"

Port opening 43111 happens to be the port used to access the game, for which I have PAID."

Port 43111 refers to something that is present on PLAYER's computer, not on the server's side. It is something, what player should configure him/herself. In most cases it requires some configuration in:
- computer's firewall - if present any software like Norton or personal firewall
- network router - device, where you connect your personal computer/ipad etc. to, remotely or by wire.

Port is like a socket on a very long power strip with sockets numbered, built in a computer. The game in order to work smoothly, requires access to some of the sockets. They can be blocked by firewall, router or internet provider and grassgames administrators have nothing to deal with it.

Sometimes when a player has any idea on how computer work, in most cases he/she can teach the firewall how to allow a correct communication for the purpose of Hearts playing.

If it is the problem with a network router, player can try to log in onto router's web interface at the address or, use empty login/password or combination of admin/admin, root/empty or something similar, depending on the model and manufacturer of the router. When player is successful logged in the router's web interface, one should search for UPnP option and check it. It helps in many cases.

If the player has no clue about anything concerning network, computers nor firewall then the player should ask for help someone on place.
Sometimes the player is totally dependent on the configuration provided by the internet provider and has no access to router settings. Then the player should ask provider for help.

Generally, this port issue is like car driver not being able to drive a newly bought car and accusing the car producer, that you need to steer the wheel and use the manual gearbox - car manufacturer's forum can tell, that you need to steer with wheel but will not teach you how to drive.

This game has a few flaws and could be designed so, that it would be easier to avoid problems with networking. But in general such problems may occur in any game on the market, which uses the networking so intensively as here. But it's like a car designed with manual or automatic gearbox. This one has manual, this is what player has paid for and has to live with it.

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