Pay Again?

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Pay Again?

Postby Voda » Nov 26, 2017

Hello All...

I have a quick query... I have purchased the game "Hearts 2" from Grass Games a while back for about I think it was $12. I like to play online with others and I enjoy the game very much. Now I just got a notification 'you are out of coins' and it is asking me to re-purchase the app once again for $14...

When I purchased the app it was made clear that it is unlimited app for as long as I like to use it - there were never any coins or any such thing.
Sooo.... I am wondering why is Grass Games trying to make me pay for the same app twice?

I look forward to anyone that would like to respond.

Thank you

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Re: Pay Again?

Postby SunnyCorner » Nov 26, 2017

Hi - only Aidan can answer your query - I suggest you email him. You've also posted in the forum - needs to be in Hearts. Best. Ice

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