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General Strategies

Postby Aidan » Oct 02, 2015

(the following posts were copied from the old Bug Defender forums...)

by Strategies [ 25 July 2008 - 6:19 pm ]
Anyone have any hints on this? As in what towers to build where?

by Schutzenegger [ 27 July 2008 - 8:25 pm ]
I usually build the sprays on the outside of the turns, guns on the inside corners and turns, and projectiles behind guns and sprays, since they have longer range

by dblew [ 01 August 2008 - 6:38 pm ]
Set target to strong / front / back / near at the beginning and set target to weak at the end. pause to build

by Tyson [ 01 August 2008 - 6:39 pm ]
I haven't experimented a ton yet, but guns and projectiles seem to work about the same wherever you put them. A gun on the inside of a curve will be able to attack a given target for longer, but in a long stream of bugs, it doesn't really seem to make that much difference.

Sprays are best near the beginning. They slow bugs down the most by far, so you want them right at the beginning. That way the bugs will spend the most time on the track getting shot at. They do also work well on the outside of a curve, especially if you can line them up to shoot down the track instead of across it.

Missile/grenade launchers are probably the best thing to have toward the end. Their range gives them the ability to shoot at a stream of bugs on most or all of the track. Anything with shorter range will have to wait until the bugs get partway around the track before doing damage.

Guns are best on the early levels because they fire quickly. Later on, however, the missile launchers will do only slightly less damage (when figuring in reload rate), but they have much better range, so they turn out better, and big sprays do a little less damage, but again have better range and a HUGE slowdown factor, which will save your live on bigger bugs. So if you have a ton of cash and you still have tanks left, I'd consider replacing them with sprays or launchers.

I hope that's not an overload of info.


by J [ 02 August 2008 - 6:14 am ]


by The Dark Knight [ 02 August 2008 - 6:15 am ]
Upload as quick as possible. When you have enough cash get rid of all the guns for spray and projectiles.


by Darwin van der Poll [ 03 August 2008 - 4:51 am ]
thanks all!


by frustrated [ 05 August 2008 - 5:56 pm ]
Can someone tell which weapons to use for which levels? I can't make it further than level 10 and most of the time i get even stopped in 6 or 7. :(


by albino [ 08 August 2008 - 2:35 am ]
i have made a video from my "Rank-32" game :-))

i will later upload the final sequence and post it here


by Flyswatter [ 10 August 2008 - 1:07 am ]
Good to know these things people, thanks - it will help me tweak the game to make it better for future versions.


by albino [ 16 August 2008 - 3:03 am ]
here on request a higher score video

please klick at youtube for "watch at higher quality"


by slowmo [ 20 August 2008 - 11:26 am ]
I have been playing this game a week and i am the fourth in garden two now. At the start you have to try alot of times, because lvl 7-9 is very hard. It doesn't matter what you build so build what you want. I can come to lvl 25 only with guns, but the best way i think is:
First build a spray and gun factory. Put one spray in the front and one gun in the back or behind the spray. Then upgrade your gun one time. Then click on start. If you get 70 bucks in the first level you can upgrade your spray, if not it will be difficult to play so its better to restart(but you dont have to). Then you should upgrade the gun and in the spray to level 4 until level 5 build alot of guns and upgrade them immediately.(dont build more than 4 sprays) If you got level 12 you should start to build the best spray.dont build the orange one. if you have two upgraded sprays you can start to build the best cannon. It costs you 22.500 for the first one. and then 17.000 for every other. Dont build on mass, first upgrade.


by Slowmo [ 25 August 2008 - 2:22 am ]
I have been playing this game for two days and i got the 100 level but after level 70 i couldn't build anything because the map was full


by DJ Mantis [ 25 August 2008 - 3:20 am ]
In my experience, the best thing to build to begin with is one small spray at the start and one turret farther down, and upgrade the turret. The two of these will beat the stuffing out of the beginning bugs and help launch the game nicely.


by Heyes [ 26 August 2008 - 1:57 pm ]
I dunno, I'm finding that it's best to start out with guns, then as you max the out start adding in sprays. as you max them out swap out all your guns for those heat seeking missiles. Put lots of level three sprays in the front.

Upgrading is better than adding more gun of anything, so always upgrade if you can.


by L.vt [ 26 August 2008 - 10:20 pm ]
Basic Tactics:
- Think before you place!
- Think like a bee!
- It's better to upgrade than to install. (in the game, not IRL).
- Upgrade when light install under load.
- Mantain them in Front, if you cannot kill them all once close to the tail switch to -30 Back-70 Weak- (Don't forget to move them back to Front before the next wake comes).

Basic strategy:
- Forget about primitive sprays or launchers, use just guns to start.

- Start with 2 turrets:
place them in good positions (inside corners where they have the most usable angle).
upgrade them both ASAP.

- Upgrade to cannon factory ASAP (round 4-5)
place 1 or 2 clusters of cannons (2-3-2 packs are excellent, leave some space).

- Upgrade to tank ASAP (round 15-20)
Replace the cannons with tanks (that's why you'd had to leave some space ).

- To make tanks more effective start building two lanes of sprays along the road -before- the tanks.

- Make your silo cluster
silo's fully-upgraded range is about 70% of the playground, place them where they cover most of the road, prefer the end of the road where bugs are slower ans spend most of the time.
keep the cluster -very- tight (like a honeycomb, overlapped, so that you can see no grass).
- Start with two horizontally.
- Put a third in the middle as close to their centers as possible (you got a triangle).
- build around, making sure you always overlap to other two silos.

Then you'll be able to go far...
Optimization and Propper placement are yours to discover...


by Flyswatter [ 13 September 2008 - 8:52 am ]
I've had a couple pretty good games, but nothing to even compare to some the high scores that are up now. Are there any tricks for getting from level 120-140 up to levels in the 160's-180's?


by KC KILL BOY [ 23 September 2008 - 8:54 am ]
the game sends out bugs with an HP that there is no way I have enough firepower to kill in the sub level portion of the game... it jumps from 36 to 500 and no matter what combos I try I don't have enough fire power.... HELP!!!!!!


by David [ 23 September 2008 - 5:11 pm ]
I was frustrated by this game until a couple of days ago when I switched techniques and became much more successfull. Before, I was rarely getting past level 15. Now, it's cake to get past 100. The only reason why I haven't gone over 100 more than twice is because it just takes so long. Once you get past 60 or so, I've found that I've done all I can, and am just kinda waiting on it to finish.

During my "frustrated with Bug Defender" period, where I couldn't get past level 15, I was primarily working in the top-left garden. I switched to the bottom left garden, and also switched my strategies, and have had success. Because I switched two variables at once, I don't know whether my strategy is just much better now, or if Garden Bottom-Left is just easier.

I read the posts about using guns, and I was never able to make that work reliably past level 15. I always felt like I was barely hanging on, and trying to upgrade to Tanks was near impossible.

I was reading this post and saw how one guy just used sprays. So I decided to try that. I found that it got me much farther.

David's Tedious Spray Technique #1

1. start with the smaller sprays of course, and I focus on just installing more rather than upgrading them (in fact, I never upgrade the small or medium sprays). I like to spread them out, with a slightly higher density on the front of the path.
2. I wait to upgrade my spray factory till my cash is 1,500 or more, because after I upgrade it, I want to have en0ugh money to put at least a couple of the Red Sprays on the board. I think a mistake I've made in the past was upgrading to a higher factory when I didn't have enough cash to actually buy the new weapons.
3. Then I begin the slow process of selling off almost all of the Small Sprays and replacing them with Red Sprays. Again, I do not upgrade the Red Sprays. I focus on quantity over quality.
4. I wait to upgrade to the Yellow Spray factory till my cash is 15,000 or more, because, just like the Reds, I want to have en0ugh money to put at least a couple of the Yellow Sprays on the board.
5. Then I begin the slow process of selling off all of the Red Sprays and replacing them with Yellow Sprays.
6. For fun -- because the last 45 minutes or more has been administratively replacing sprays -- when I have 6 or more Yellow Sprays placed (and more than 8,000 in cash), I purchase the Projectile Factory and upgrade it as quickly as possible to the Missile Launchers. I put a couple somewhat near the front and set them on "Strong". I'll leave them at upgrade level 1 until I have all the Yellow Sprays placed.
7. Then I resume replacing all the Red Sprays with Yellows until there is a Yellow Spray along every bit of the path.
8. Then I fill all the other available space with Missile Launchers. Remember, at this point, all the Yellow Sprays and Missile Launchers are still at Upgrade level 1. (Now I think I just read where perhaps the Missile Launchers can be overlapped. This would give me more of them, so maybe I'll try that. I'll bet I can get to level 150 or 160 if I can do that.)
9. I begin the process of upgrading all Sprays and Launchers. I bring them all to level 2, then go back and do it again for level 3, then when all are at 3, I raise them to 4. Tedious, yes. But I think it keeps downtime to a minimum.
10. Now there's not much to do but watch the melee for a couple of hours as missliles fly and bugs die. Sometimes I'll purchase the Gun Factory and upgrade and put some tanks in a few spots just for variety. I don't really know, at the higher levels, which weapons do the most damage. Maybe on a next run, I'll make the first row next to the path the Sprays as usual, but then have the tanks back them up on the second row, with the missiles everywhere else.

So that's it. There's plenty of room for modifications and tweaks to this technique. And perhaps finding the right combo would propel me higher on the scoreboard. But since playing at this level takes so long, I'm less likely to try stuff as often.

But at least this should help someone who is stuck down at Level 12.

I've been playing it now for a couple of weeks, and am really grateful for this different and enjoyable game. A great combination of graphics quality, strategy, and simplicity.


by Greg [ 31 October 2008 - 6:54 am ]
I'm on all the high score lists at one place or another. I find that garden 2 is by far the hardest level because there is much less land space to build on.

This is what I do, and it works very well.

1. I build 5 or 6 basic guns and upgrade them all to 4. I put them at good inside corner spots.
2. Now, I build the spray factory and upgrade it right away to level 2 (level 1 spray guns are a waste).
3. Now I spend all my $$$ placing level 2 spray guns along the start of the road until I can upgrade my spray factory to 3.
4. Then I place the yellow spray guns until I have about 5-6 of them.
5. Note. I don't upgrade anything but the starting 5 or 6 six basic level 1 guns.
6. Once I have 5-10 yellow sprayers I build the cannon factory and upgrade it to 3.
7. Now I build a missile launcher right in the center of the screen and upgrade it to the highest level.
8. Then I build 3 or 4 more missile launchers, upgrading each one to level 4 as soon as possible.
9. Then I line both sides of the road with sprayers, and begin upgrading them to level 4.
10. Then I fill in all the remaining space with missile launchers, upgrading them to 4.

Note. I often spend time destroying and rebuilding once I've got a comfortable lead on the bugs. You'd be amazed how much mroe stuff you can fit on the screen if you use every pixel.

BTW... it would be useful in future versions if the items that you place had outlines so that it was easy to see where you could place them and where you cannot.

That's my 2 cents.


by B [ 11 November 2008 - 5:48 am ]

thanks guys, most of the strategies here work quite well, and help a lot to become a bit more successfull in the game.

However, there is one a bit annoying point in the game. Whatever you do, one time a strategy works out extremely well and level 120 to 170 is no problem at all. Many other times, this exactly same strategy can not bring you further than maybe level 13 or 20.

You will need quite a bit of luck to get a series of bugs, which fit to your initial strategy, or just which provides you with enough money to buy enough firepower. If the money comes one round late, you're done 100 levels earlier.

Nevertheless very well done game.



by Mike B [ 22 January 2009 - 7:19 am ]
I just got to level 140 and never purchased a single gun the entire time. In fact I shouldn't have bought the gun factory at all 'coz it used valuable space. I used only spray guns right along the perimeter of the track, upgrading both the guns and factories at the earliest convenience. The beauty of the sprays is that at maximum level the combined effect of multiple sprays is to slow the entire string of bugs to a snails pace. After I have about $20,000 I go straight to the lvl3 launcher which is the heatseeking ones. These I place as tightly as possible in a honeycomb formation of the remaining surface area.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you vary the target for both the sprays and launcher between front/back/strong/weak/near. I find it really helps to have many extra missile launchers set to target strong.


by hajo [ 23 February 2009 - 5:05 am ]
hi, what can i do? I easily reach level 100 but then the screen is full. At that point i have around 450000 score and the the same amount cash but not able to buy more guns. Any advice out there?


by Tanner [ 27 March 2009 - 4:10 am ]
Forget guns...don't waste the space with a gun factory. Place and replace your towers to maximize space. i.e. if something is too tight a squeeze then cozy a cheap tower right next to it and you will find you can sell and then replace the tower into places that previously didn't seem to have enough room...this is particularly useful at the top of Garden 2, but it works in all the gardens.


by Jeff [ 16 April 2009 - 5:41 am ]
I'm not sure I agree with the no guns policy. I have the best luck with those getting started and tanks fire faster than missile launchers. Here's my theory: Sprays have the biggest slowdown factor so by the end, you want those lining the streets in double rows at the start of the garden path. Launchers have the largest range and highest damage so these would be best placed around the center so that they all work no matter where the bugs are. Tanks, though they cause less damage, they fire a lot faster. A bug in range of a level four tank will receive over 6900 hp of damage during the same time period a missile launcher can inflict 4550hp. That being said, tanks should line the streets inside curves where it can damage a longer run of bugs. Kind of a toss up though because missiles have such a huge range at level four. It sort of depends on the map and placement. By the time you hit level 100 you have more than enough cash to sell stuff off just to squeeze it closer together. Just my four cents, no matter what the bugs will win eventually!

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