future developments?

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future developments?

Postby Aidan » Oct 02, 2015

(the following posts were copied from the old Bug Defender forums...)

by aj [ 18 October 2008 - 8:30 pm ]
I have some suggestions for future developments. First, I think there should be a save function. It would really be a nice feature to have. Another suggestion is that you should have a garden developer program. My third suggestion is that you had an option slider in the options area for frequency of the 'tough' bugs. The ones that come in short strings and take all you have the hole length long to kill. Just my suggestions, decide what you will,


by aj [ 20 October 2008 - 1:20 pm ]
I have some more suggestions. like for the next weapon type it should be poison pelits that are thrown ontl the track and stay there until either a bug eats them or a second or two. also there should be a reply option after the game is over


by benjamin [ 20 October 2008 - 1:21 pm ]
here are some of my sugestions:more towers and upgrades.for example:shock,fire,poison,traps,...
and that instead of 3 upgrades there would be like 5 upgrades or that every tower has it's own upgradable times.it would also be nice to have several special upgrades in the game.examples:%percent for a critical strike,that you could upgrade the effectiveness of the poisen,fire,...,that you could buy aditional "rifels" on your guns towers,...etc
second of all that you could buy power ups in the game like"spells",that turn the insects on their own,slowdon,pesticites,a napalm bomb,an anthrax bomb,...and that you could also upgrade your hometown(-)
hometown:the place were your bugs wil go.that we could buy stuff like 15% chance of a kill on a bug that enters.maybe there could be an experience bar in the game,so that you could trade your experience for upgrades or lives.
as one last thing it chould be nice to also have a map and bug editor so that we could make maps for online play,make scenarios,...
another map suggestion is for 3 or more different map sizes(smal,medium,big)

a mode for online play:you can send(buy)bugs to attack other(-)hometowns and vice versa and also build defenses.and other modes.

that some insects would have their own resistence
against fire,water,ice,...

the graphics aren't too bad but a little more coller and environement would do the trick

if this new game is free(hope so)than you could place a banner in the beginning of the online menu
so that the game can remain free.
(i appreciate it a lot that this site is advertisement free)

i know these are a lot of suggestions but i hope they helped


by benjamin [ 25 October 2008 - 6:32 pm ]
another sugestion:it doesn't really have to do something with the game but,it would be a good idee to port it to ipod 4,5 and 5.5generation, and/or the ipod touch and iphone.now there's a huge market for ipod games so it will sell verry much.


by benjamin [ 29 October 2008 - 2:59 pm ]
as for the powers:
nuke(s)(plutonium,hydrogin,uranium,...),laser beam(s),emp,magma rain,yperite(gas),cluster bomb,...
and/or other powers for in the game.
most of these have effects so that would be nice to see that too.(like:yperite:stays toxic for 2:30 mins,...).also:some powers make damage to the towers too,(nukes,...)so,there are men stationed in the towers,so that when a tower is destroyed there are a few soldiers who wil shoot at the bugs(they can walk over the road and can be
eaten ;)the towers can also be rebuilt.
a few scinematics in the game would be nice too.
also:rewards:that you can get rewards:you reached level:1,5,10,15,20,25,.....and every time you get a reward,the computer tells you.
these were some other sugestions,for future versions.

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