Bug - Network Game Play - synchronizing

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Bug - Network Game Play - synchronizing

Postby sebring » Dec 29, 2017

There's an annoying bug that's caught me out on two network games:

during the play, if your online opponent uses all of his cards, and the remaining cards you have in your had equal 15, you would normally get 2 points for 15 and 1 for a go. But what happens is the system awards you 2 points for 15, 1 for a go, and one more point, for a total of four points. Then, the system goes into "synchronizing" mode and never recovers. the game must be abandoned.

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Re: Bug - Network Game Play - synchronizing

Postby ru29 » Jan 15, 2018

This is a legit issue as it just happened during a game between myself and Tom F. It's the first time i have seen it but for sure needs to be addressed and fixed. We wasted almost an entire game.


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