Predetermined outcomes

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Predetermined outcomes

Postby Rudolph » Feb 18, 2018

In the past, more than a year ago, it was suggested that the application was faulty in the aspect of shuffling, cutting and dealing hands. I hate to restart that rant but it has become so obvious over the last few months that games seem to be predetermined. The scenario which is more than what would be random goes simply, w1, l1 w1 or l1 w1 l1. I prefer to play the best of 3 when I meet with another player and the pattern is so obvious you can actually guess what the opponents cards are going to be. It is his turn to win and your toss to the crib is a no brainer 7 9. You can bet the farm if the cut is an 8 he has tossed some combination of 6 7 8 or 9. Other players have commented on this. Can I have any other opinions please.

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Re: Predetermined outcomes

Postby fake_gun » Mar 13, 2018

Please give some opinions. :|

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