Buttons on iOS version

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Buttons on iOS version

Postby dkclarence » Apr 05, 2013

Hi Aidan,

Just thinking about the iOS version (which I love btw), and wondering if the position of the "done" button and the scoring box should be reversed so that button is on the right hand side of the screen?

When it's computer's crib and the turn-up card is on the computers side of the screen I sometimes mistakenly hit the done button when I'm aiming to tap the turn up card. Clumsy I know, but it's just a thought - the bus drivers around here are pretty wild! Appreciate all the work you put into the games.


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Re: Buttons on iOS version

Postby Shane » Aug 03, 2014

Please change the position of the Done button so that it is not near the starter card when it is my deal. Of course, I had a fantastic hand and in my excitement somehow managed to hit the Done button instead of the starter card and the computer called muggings and took all the points. Ugh!

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