A mystery......

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A mystery......

Postby SunnyCorner » Sep 11, 2018

I'm still having trouble getting a game of crib – the scoring issue is really getting in the way and it is slowly but surely wrecking the game. Players are leaving quite regularly because a few players at the top are controlling the play.

There are some issues around identity as well.

Wil and Martine have the same IP address which at first was – Massachusets
It then changed to which is in France.

I asked Martine where in the world she was and she me told Cape Cod – which was a lie. “she” also said no when I asked if she was related or linked to any other players.....

“They” are either the same person or they are definitely linked and know to each other. I've tried to ask Wil but he refuses to even speak – I wonder why?

Regards to all. Iceman

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Re: A mystery......

Postby ru29 » Sep 12, 2018

Wil lives in Massachusetts for 9 months or so out of the year, and vacations in France for 3 months. No mystery there.
Have never seen Martine before...

I have been playing just about everyone on here, and the one time i saw you recently i was away from my laptop and came back to angry messages. I wasn't lying when i said i'll play you anytime. But sometimes I forget I left the app open, or am away from laptop, as i'm sure many people do. Also when i put the app in 'sleep mode', and someone sends a game request and i'm not at my computer, it will show my name as active in the lobby, and not default back to sleep mode. so that's a little confusing too..

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Re: A mystery......

Postby SunnyCorner » Sep 12, 2018

Martine is ranked at number 16 - "she" has payed 598 games and her current score is 2802.
Hope that helps - a little odd that you've never seen her............
Regards. Ice

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Re: A mystery......

Postby billy » Oct 09, 2018

Do any of you know what the non-playing penalty is ? I thought it was 3 weeks, but obviously I'm wrong as Martine has now just lost a point 27 days after Ice's post on 12th Sept. Possibly joined the non active players group, as have many others.

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