Flush Scoring Bug

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Flush Scoring Bug

Postby Hup101 » Feb 25, 2013

Had a 4-card flush in hand.
Starter card was a different suit, so not a 5-card flush.

When scoring, I accidentally selected all 5 cards (including the starter), and hit the "flush" button.
The computer accepted the hand with 5 cards selected (including the starter), but only scored it for 4 points (which was correct).

But after scoring the hand for me, the computer called "Muggins".
It then scored a flush for itself, with the 4 hand cards selected (but not including the starter).

So the same 4-card flush was scored twice:
once for me with 5 cards (incorrectly) selected, and once for the computer with 4 cards (correctly) selected


Just reproduced this bug again. This seems to be how you get it:

- Incorrectly select 5 cards with a 4-card flush in hand
- The computer will accept the incorrect 5-card combination, but will only score it for 4 points.
- Then it will call muggins and score the (correct) 4-card combination for 4 points.

I should have taken a screen shot.

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Re: Flush Scoring Bug

Postby Aidan » Jul 20, 2014

This has been fixed in version 4.1.

Thanks for the info!

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