Changing "Backs" with custom photos on iPads

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Changing "Backs" with custom photos on iPads

Postby M2MikeGolf » Apr 29, 2012


I've searched and can't seem to find this issue addressed. I want to change the background on the playing board, referred to as "backs" under the options function. When I select "upload photo" I see three options; (1) Take Picture, (2) Camera Roll and (3) Pick from library. I have an IPAD 1 and obviously selection 1 will not work (I get a message saying that it's unavailable). However, I am assuming that one of the other options should allow you to upload a picture from your IPAD. When I try to select either one, nothing happens, no message or anything. Is there a way to do this that I am not understanding?

This is the best computer generated cribbage game I've ever seen. I grew up playing cribbage with my grandfather and later, when I was a soldier, I played in faraway places with the few other people that knew how to play. In Desert Storm, I taught almost my entire Infantry company to play, and we would have mini-tournements, at least before the war started. My grandfather also played cribbage while he was a soldier; he was captured by the Japanese in WWII and played while interned and it meant a lot to him! In fact, the picture that I wish to upload is a picture of the table we spent many hours playing together, and it would be pretty special to get my back to look like it. Hope somebody can help!


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Re: Changing "Backs" with custom photos

Postby Aidan » May 28, 2012

Raleigh, I'll look into this for the next release - I can see that its important to you.

Can't give a time yet as have to finish the Android version first, but I'd say within a month or two.

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