can't open crib game i just purchased

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can't open crib game i just purchased

Postby max » Aug 25, 2015

i just bought the new version of grassgames cribbage and paid $9.99 for it...i did it in the mac app directed, i downloaded it but i couldn't open it because it didn't recognize the developer or some shit like that...i did NOT get an email with any details about my purchase...i have an account established years ago and a corresponding email that is up to date...when signing in, it will not accept my password...when i try to create a new password, it tells me it is sending info to my email and NOTHING comes in...not in junk, not in spam, not in inbox, not in promotions, not in trash...all i want to do is play cribbage just like i've been doing for a bunch of goddam years...respectfully, eli

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Re: can't open crib game i just purchased

Postby Aidan » Aug 26, 2015

See this thread for the "Unidentified Developer" fix.

Mac App Store sales emails (there are none afaik) etc. is handled by Apple not GrassGames.

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