Gaps post-shuffle gaps after last ordered card

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Gaps post-shuffle gaps after last ordered card

Postby WahlstF » Feb 24, 2010

I recently upgraded from 3.6 (+/-) to 4.6 (Mac OS X Version) of Solitaire 3D and am finding Gaps to have a significant problem. After the initial shuffle and deal, each subsequent shuffle and deal will CONSISTENTLY leave the gaps immediately following the last card in sequence in each row. Previously, the four gaps would be dealt randomly throughout the board. If a "2" is in the first row first column and no other cards are ordered, then the first deal after the initial deal will result in a gap after the "2" and the remaining three gaps at the very end. After that, all subsequent deals will place the gap after the "2" and in the very first column on all other rows. This happens consistently and skews the randomness of the game and any chances of winning or losing.
Thank you for an otherwise wonderful set of games.
BTW, why did you change the location of the card stack on Pyramid?

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Re: Gaps post-shuffle gaps after last ordered card

Postby Aidan » Mar 23, 2012

I think this is the way Gaps is supposed to be played, that's why I changed it.

And the pyramid stack location got changed probably due to doing one of the iPhone o iPad versions of the game.

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