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2018: end of year

Posted: Dec 30, 2018
by tmno2
Hi troops
Get ready for the leaderboard chaos.
Start of New Year
Start of new month
Start of new week, (already in progress).

The chaos should only last a week or so, while everything gets sorted out.

Happy new year to Aidan, and to all “ Solitaire 3D” players.


Re: 2018: end of year

Posted: Jan 01, 2019
by tmno2
Hi all

Well now, that was the best transition in years.

All goes well in the “ Year, Month and Week”
segments of the “Leader Board” by the 18th hour
Into the first day of the new year, on the east coast
of Australia,

Did pass through some peculiar states though, with
some odd data lingering in front of the newer inputs for a few hours in the “ Month” scores.

This abberation now corrected and all is good.