Too Many Aces: Solitaire 3D, Intelligence.

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Too Many Aces: Solitaire 3D, Intelligence.

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Hi Aidan
I’m finally able to document this peculiarity, with the screen shots shown below.

The first shows the card placement when the hand showing below is pulled back to the status of play before the redeal button was hit.

The second shows the card placement from a deal out of the second phase, that is the second of the three deals allowed in each individual game. This is identifiable by the redeal button showing the green replay icon rather than the red X that would show if this was the result of the third play.

As previously stated, From recollection and also as is shown, this particular happening seems to occur only when there are no surplus cards in the supply stack, and there are empty spaces in the stacks of cards played.

I note that there are 52 cards layed out in the first display, but only 48 cards layed out in the second, but there are 4 more aces to play that we’re not available previously, and should not be there, “ So how do you like them apples?”

There you go, that’s as much information as I am currently able to provide. All I can think of to be the possible cause is a glitch in the play algorithm which brings in cards in excess of those that actually should remain in play..

However, have fun.
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