Solitaire 3D Pyramid: Superscore: SYRIUS

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Solitaire 3D Pyramid: Superscore: SYRIUS

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Well I never!
How is this score achieved?
Best ever for week month and year.
When using two packs of 52 cards and scoring 50 points per card, the potential maximum score should be 52 x 2 x 50 in a perfect game, 5000.
For every second played -1, with the time played = 6:16.3. Thus 5000 - (60 x 6) + 16.3 = 5000 - 376.3 = 4623.7.
Congratulations Syrius, a magnificent effort
If my calculations are correct, you got a bonus of ( 4706 - 4623.7 ) = 72.3.
A really exceptional score considering the nearest next 99 scorers in the YEAR leaderboard achieved a maximum of only 2580 points, in less than 50 seconds, that is at least 5 minutes+ faster than your achievement.
As it appears either an iMac or MacBookPro was used, the algorithm used for OSX May need an audit.

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Re: Solitaire 3D Pyramid: Superscore: SYRIUS

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It does not look right - I've deleted it. Not sure how it got there. If more popup please re-post.

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