Game Twenty with Solitaire 3D 6.73 (MacOs)

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Game Twenty with Solitaire 3D 6.73 (MacOs)

Postby Syrius » Jan 06, 2018

Most of the time, this game records the bad score at the end of the game; look at the screen capture. The time under 1 minutes are false and its score also
Bad time and bad score with the game twenty
TwentyBadScore.png (939.89 KiB) Viewed 1275 times

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Re: Game Twenty with Solitaire 3D 6.73 (MacOs)

Postby tmno2 » Jan 13, 2018

Hi Syrius
Though I don’t play the game referred to in this subject, I do see from the photo supplied that you are playing “locally”, playing in this mode records every score whether it’s higher, lower or whatever.
Try switching to “online”, and your scoring registrations will conform more closely to your expectations.


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