weird pixels on screen

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weird pixels on screen

Postby guest » Feb 08, 2011

When I play solitaire for more than 5 or 10 minutes i start getting weird pixels messing up the screen in the corners. Then when I exit the game they stay on my desktop screen and dont stop until i restart the whole computer. It never did this with the free version, it only started happening when i bought the full version. Can this be fixed?

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Re: weird pixels on screen

Postby Aidan » Feb 08, 2011

First off, its probably not the full version vs the free version, but V5.0 (just released) vs V4.x. I don't know if you still have the free version around, but I presume it was version 4.x.

As to fix it, not sure as have not seen this problem.

Things to try:

1) delete the downloaded full version and re-download it (from your Customer Account page)
2) create a new user
3) try windowed mode vs full screen mode
4) set the scores updating to "Manual" in the main options (stops the game for accessing the internet, may be causing the quit problem)

It sounds like a very strange problem. You could try also attaching a screen-shot here (open Preview in Applications, select "Take Screen Shot...", then "Save As...").

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