Cheaters /ip tracing etc - Possible solution

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Cheaters /ip tracing etc - Possible solution

Postby marekjoz » Dec 03, 2017

Since the discovery of aristo's 25+ different names and accounts used here only to ruin games of others' players and making a mess, a process of IPs tracing was widely used to trace such cheaters and abusers.

Many here think, that you should be able to play totally anonymously, others think, that the identity of a player should not be anonymous. Not anonymous does not mean that the real life identity should be revealed, but rather, that it should not be allowed to appear here under many different names without being recognised under one single "Hearts name". There are many reasons behind it and and the discussion here already took place long time ago.

As cheaters have successfully introduced new ways to hide their real IPs it is more difficult to trace them and protect integrity of games and players.

A simple update to the game's code could prevent such cheats by introducing a new Unique Machine (game instance) ID - (UMID)

1. Install update
2. At first login to the new instance of the updated game:
a) is there a UMID present? If yes go to step 3
b) get a new UMID from the server
3. While playing insert UMID into game log

Aidan - it would be a simple update, giving you opportunity to test a new solution, which you could use in another games you have.
It would however bring security here and integrity of the community to quite another, higher level.

I hope, you could think about it...


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