Alar Penalized

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Alar Penalized

Post by kirkwoodcruiser »

I was in a game with Alar today, and he mentioned that he was penalized 50 points and banned for a day yesterday when he lost his internet connection. I was not in the game, but I have played at least 100 games with Alar without incident. He is one of the best sportsmen on this board: never complains or berates players (unlike me sometimes, unfortunately). I simply do not believe that he would ever intentionally quit a game. I encourage other to vouch for Alar's integrity.


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Re: Alar Penalized

Post by Butchdude »

Alar is one of the best and one of the most honest players in this system. He is also one of the nicest and treats everyone with respect. He deserves to have his penalty reversed. Butchdude

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Re: Alar Penalized

Post by HowCoolIsThat »

I can personally attest that Alar would never purposely quit. I violently agree with Howard. I'll send Aidan an e-mail and try and get this rectified.
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Re: Alar Penalized

Post by cenalex67 »

I confirm everything said by kirkwood. He isn't a quitter. I only have to learn from Alar.

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Re: Alar Penalized

Post by SunnyCorner »

Whilst I don't disagree with any of the posts above the problem is that Alar is not the only one with this issue. Badhakker is complaining about the same thing. Restoring points cannot be based on a players popularity - if you restore the points for one you must restore them for all!

My understanding is that the system doesn't deduct points for an isolated incident - there has to be more than one in a given period. If your connection is causing problems you need to sort it out to avoid this happening.

Regards to all . Ice

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