Solitaire 3D for the iPad

For all queries specific to the iPad version of Solitaire 3D.
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Solitaire 3D for the iPad

Postby tmno2 » Apr 04, 2013

Apart from the continuing problems with Solitaire 3D on WIN 7 64bit, the scoring system on your servers does not appear to have any later input after the end of March 2013.

High scores achieved for both "Intelligence and Pyramid" of which there have been many, have not been registering.

Though the scores register locally, they do not update on the "World" register.

This problem has been clearly evident over the past few days, and is a little vexing, as these high scores do take a bit of achieving.

All else considered, I do like these games.



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Re: Solitaire 3D for the iPad

Postby araknon » Apr 04, 2013

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Re: Solitaire 3D for the iPad

Postby Aidan » Apr 08, 2013

There was a problem with the online server, but its ok again now.

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