Sometimes, due to the lengthy App Store review process and other considerations, the latest Mac & PC versions of the games can be newer than the current Mac App Store, iPad or iPhone version of the games.

This can cause problems trying to setup for example a local network game or connecting to a friend, using iPhones and/or iPads to connect to Macs and/or PCs.

You can check what version of a game you have by clicking the About button from the main menu of the game.

Below are links to any older versions of games for Macs & PCs that you may wish to download:

GrassGames' Cribbage: Not needed - all versions up to date.

GrassGames' Hearts: Not needed for Version 1.7 - see below for later versions.



GrassGames' Hearts Older Version 1.7

Download links:


GrassGames' Hearts Version 2

Note that Hearts Version 2 is only currently available for Macs and PCs, and only through the website, not the Mac App Store or Windows Store. You can get the latest full version here or download latest the free trial version from the game's homepage.

You will not be able to play against iPhone users or Mac App Store users with this version at the moment. To play with them, use version 1.7 instead. See below for information on how you can run version 2 and version 1.7 at the same time if you so desire.

Version 2 for the iPhone, iPad, Android, the Mac App Store and the Windows store will be available at a later date (probably early next year).


Main new features for Version 2:

  • New network system with moderated lobbies and unique usernames
  • Awards system
  • Statistics
  • Updated computer players
  • Avatars
  • Updated graphics & animations


Running GrassGames' Hearts V1.7 and V2 at the Same Time


  • Rename the version 1.7 app to "Hearts V1.7" by clicking on the App's name.
  • Start each version of the game in Windowed mode (press Command & F to switch to windowed mode if needed).
  • Drag and resize each window as desired so you can see both windows at the same time.


  • You will need to install version 1.7 of the game to a different location than the normal one.
  • If you already have installed version 1.7, uninstall it first from the game's entry in your start menu. Do not delete the player files when asked.
  • When installing Version 1.7 select different directories and program groups for the older version - e.g. enter "GrassGames Hearts 1.7" instead of "GrassGames Hearts" when prompted.
  • Install Version 2 if needed to the standard location.
  • You will now have two different icons on your desktop. Rename version 1.7's icon to "Hearts 1.7" by clicking on the icon's text.
  • Start both versions of the game in Windowed mode (press Alt + Enter to switch to windowed mode if needed). Drag and resize each window as desired so you can see both windows at the same time.

Note: You will need to create different players within the game for the different versions also, as player files created in one version cannot be loaded by the other version.