Version 3 - Suggestions

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Re: Version 3 - Suggestions

Post by Aidan »

If all the tricks will be taken lay the cards down regardless if the queen has not been played. Stop the stupid delay just prior to the playing of the queen of spades.
Sounds good - will look into it.

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Re: Version 3 - Suggestions

Post by SunnyCorner »

Its time to lose the medals - even the worst players now have 5 gold and a silver/bronze so they convey nothing. They certainly don't represent skill levels, only reflecting that the player turned up a lot.

A better idea might be to show the % of wins and/or options to describe how the player rates themselves - competitive - casual etc. At the very least that conveys some useful information to other players?

Is it possible to list all players who are logged on, in the lobby "status" column. For example "sleeping" "available" and "playing"? That way we can see if its worth waiting for a game?

And finally - I do think its worth considering anonymising players in the lobby and during play. There are so many who won't play with each other its getting ludicrous. If there was no choice it would simply stop and you would have to play with whoever turned up. At least consider the option of being able to change your name at the beginning of each month at the start of each new competition?

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Re: Version 3 - Suggestions

Post by nealb2 »

Autocomplete games, tired of playing multiple cards knowing I will take all the tricks.

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