iPad bug still not fixed

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iPad bug still not fixed

Post by Riddler »

Hi all.
My apologies again for Barry S, ChiGuy and Gerald.

While playing a game with them, by mistake, I touched accidentally the chat button and bang again, returned suddenly to iPad’s home screen without possibility to come back in the game.
I was in a closed battle for winning the game, so it wasn’t an intentional quit.
And now, I have a one day penalty for having quit the game.

I notice that the bug happens when playing in landscape mode, not in portrait mode.

From now on, I won’t take any chance at all and will play the game only in portrait mode on iPad until Aidan shows any sign trying to fix this unfortunate bug.

I wish you all a great Holiday Season.

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Re: iPad bug still not fixed

Post by SeaDog1 »

This has happened to me at least 4 times. It is frustrating

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Re: iPad bug still not fixed

Post by Aidan »

This bug will be addressed in the V3 release, still some months away. Seems to be something specific to iOS 15, but I can't confirm this yet.

In the meantime I'd suggest playing in Portrait mode on the iPad as Riddler suggested, or don't chat.

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Re: iPad bug still not fixed

Post by ChiGuy »

This also happens to me all the time. I try to reduce any chats due to having to flip iPad, but invariably touching the screen and bounces me out. It looks like I quit. I got banned for a day, so harsh for something out of my control, however I see the reason for that rule. Wish they had a count down clock.

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