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system changes

Posted: Nov 23, 2014
by Dean6417
Aiden, this game has the potential to be an excellent game in which genuine competitors have the opportunity to play to their skill level with a little bit of luck thrown in.However Aiden, you insist on "tinkering" with the game and as a result we have problems with the dealing of cards:in other words, with the actual consistency of the cards distributed to the players.
I have never been involved with any game where there is such a huge discrepancy in the scores between players. It is EVERY GAME. Yes it is nice to win, but i believe that most people who play in the competitive competition, play because of the opportunity to play against players who love the act of competing.
You have taken this away from us Aiden.In the few short months since I PAID for the privilege of playing here, you have had 4 system changes.4, and each one is worse than it's predecessor.
Here's a tip; leave the game alone or get out of the industry.

Re: system changes

Posted: Nov 23, 2014
by SunnyCorner
Aidan I must endorse Deans point - there is something wrong with the distribution of cards in both Hearts and Cribbage. There's just too much discrepancy between the scores and its consistent. Its great when you can't lose and very frustrating when you can't win but players I think joined for the skill element. Witness the dramatic fall and rise of very good players - if it were consistent the best players would always be around or near the top and that is just not the case. Please have another look at it - I feel its ruining the game. best. Iceman

Re: system changes

Posted: Feb 19, 2015
by Aidan
The deal is 100% random. Nothing is controlled in any way.

Sometimes cards will be good and sometimes they won't - there's nothing I can do about this.