Screen freezes on "Cut for the starter card"

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Screen freezes on "Cut for the starter card"

Post by Oscar »

When playing against the computer on my Mac (Big Sur, M1 machine), if I click the mouse just as the dealer (the computer) is fanning out the cards, I can get the screen to freeze. (I say it like I'm trying to make it happen. And so I was, just to see if it's repeatable, after it happened to me by accident a couple of times.)

The app is not frozen. I can click back to the menu and start a new game. However, if I select "Continue Game" I'm returned to the same frozen game.

I've captured 3 screen shots that I'll try to attach. In all cases the card fan froze at the same instant in the animation. (Also, my hand had a pair in all three cases. I assume THAT is just a coincidence, not germane to the glitch.)

Nope, I'm not able to upload my png images. I can email them to Aidan if that would help.

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Re: Screen freezes on "Cut for the starter card"

Post by Aidan »

Sure send on the images (aidan at grassgames dot com) and I'll have a look into the problem.

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