For all support and comments on the game "GrassGames' Cribbage".
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Even if it's been covered before. release of this game on Steam is almost crucial today

Three reasons:

Reason 1) I was reluctant to use Steam, but now enjoy the access-ability. Hate social media, but that too, proves popular.

Reason 3) to the Dev: It's the BEST cribbage game for the PC out there ! - reward yourself with fresh revenue.

..what happened to reason 2...?

Reason 2, ...ah, there it is...) I'd have bought this game, never mind subscribe (which I would) 3 years ago. Why? because I like Cribbage, I'd just forgotten - which is why...

This is a great game, really good software, and I hope in all sincerity, that you make good money from such great work, and if not, why not?
A great businessman once said "Your product can be the best in the world. But it won't sell without good marketing"
and when you think about it, some of the best companies in the world (product quality albeit dubious) always have the best marketing.
Steam or GoG. Worth the extra effort.

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Re: Steam

Post by Aidan »

You're right - its something I looked into once before long ago and will again when I get some time.

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