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Post by john »

i spoke wth apple regarding codes, because that is where i bought my grassgames cribbage game. they said they do not distribute codes for this application. will you give me a code to use on my windows pc?? i paid for a full year. it works on my mac.

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Re: codes

Post by Aidan »

If you bought the game via the Mac App Store, there's no way to transfer that to your Windows PC, sorry.

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Re: codes

Post by palyarmerc »

I uninstalled Cribbage after a few weeks of playing, it was getting addictive..
After 4 months inactivity, I re-installed it, but my activation key says it has already been used.
Any idea why that would be?
As a receipt from B M T Micro, I took a screenshot of my desktop and the date says
I paid for a full year, starting September 2016.

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