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Tom Fittante
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win / lose points n -

Post by Tom Fittante »

a win should be 2 points and a loss the same - 4 points for a skunk - if I loose to a lower rank I loose 4 - 6 points - if I win over lower rank it is 1 point - therefore only play a higher rank to keep up

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Re: win / lose points n -

Post by SunnyCorner »

The issue of scoring is a constant theme on here - I do believe it needs a tweak - a winner should always get some points. Having said that the weighting of the scores is very important for new players. The system has to allow a new player to eventually get to the top. I had a little over a year away from the Hearts game. When I started again I was right at the bottom on 1200. However the weighting system did allow me to catch up and I have been on the top position a few times now.

There are so few playing Cribbage its very important to give everyone a game and encourage some more competition. Its not much of an achievement to be at the top when only 5 or 6 players are in that completion! Come on guys - if you enjoy the game and want to see it prosper start playing with everyone.

For the record I was also the number one player in Cribbage on quite a few occasions as I was reminded earlier by an old friend.

Regards to all. Ice

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Re: win / lose points n -

Post by ru29 »

Well put, Ice. Thanks for the breakdown of the scoring system too. good to know...I'll do my part in playing more players. Do you happen to know why we have to pay for subscriptions in order to keep playing where as the Hearts app is just a one time fee? I feel it kills our tiny community on here and it'd be much more populated if it was just a one time fee.. espcially since this app is far superior to any other online cribbage platform i've seen..

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