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Had a situation in a game this morning where I had 77 points and my nearest competitor had 92 and the others 97 and 99. I took a point which insured that there would be no moon so if I don't take queen of spades I win. Without spades being played another competitor gave the queen of spades to someone else at which point I have mathematically won. That person was frustrated and refused to continue the game. I understand his frustration but we don't know if the person that played the queen had no spades or very few or why they did it. No matter what the game should have continued, it did not. Another player proposed to quit the game and my 2 competitors agreed and the game ended. It is the only game I have played today so I would assume you can check it. I think I should get credit for the win and the points and the others should get the deducted points. Can you please fix this.

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Re: Quitting

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Welcome to quitsville.
Maybe now people will begin to inderstand why iceman. Myself and others have endured abuse by these characterless grubs simply to help eliminate quitters like you have endured.
Aidan you need to restore the reporting facility

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