This is the first game ever to convert the classic arcade game Asteroids to full 3D.

Many "3D" versions exist but are basically 2D games with nice 3D models and effects.

This game however puts you in the middle of a full three dimensional asteroid field.

It is one of a kind.




3D Asteroids is now FREE for Windows and Mac OS X !




If you have the demo version on your machine uninstall it then go here to download the full version.



at CNET's Download.com







The problem with trying to navigate a 3D asteroids field is that you need to be able to see and dodge asteroids from all directions.

This is not possible in a standard one-view mode:



Any asteroids coming in from over or under, to any side, or behind the ship cannot be seen until the last moment.


To solve this, 3D Asteroids uses an unique 6 view split mode, so asteroids can be seen coming in from all directions :



While this may seem complicated at first, with practice is proves to be a unique gameplay experience.


There are two main aids to help viewing these 6 views at the same time:


Nearest Asteroid Target

This red X stays constantly in the main Front view, and shows where the closest asteroid to your ship is.

Keeping an eye on this at all times will direct your eye to the appropriate view needed to see and avoid the asteroid.

In the example above, the nearest rock is over the ship, and the red X tells us to look to the Above view.


3D Sounds

As an asteroid approaches your ship, you can hear what direction it is coming from due to the 3D sound effects in the game.

Sometimes it is even possible to jerk your ship out of the path of an incoming asteroid, without ever seeing it at all !





3D Asteroids has an unique thruster system for controlling the ship.

This is easiest explained in the in-game Flight Training, so download the game and have a look.




As you can see, this game is original and therefore unusual, so it can be difficult to learn.

Give it some time, be sure to complete the in-game Flight Training, and have a read of the User Manual.