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What is the idea of balls ?
by fritz     [ 20 December 2005 - 7:26 am ]
what is the idea in balls? there is no help that I can find. Apparently you try to match them somehow.
by Aidan    [ 20 December 2005 - 7:28 pm ]
Yes - match three balls of the same type to make them dissapear - if you make some balls fall in the process all the balls roll back. The more balls that fall the better.I need to put a screen about this into the next version - thanks for pointing it out.
by fritz    [ 23 December 2005 - 11:13 pm ]
thank you kindly.
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by Suzie    [ 03 September 2006 - 2:41 pm ]
It was kind of hard to figure out how it workrd, but I just tried the free version, and then got addicted. I bought the full version and the games changed! But as long as you remember that at least 3 balls of the same kind need to be touching and those or more if touching the 3 will also fall. This is fun.

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