End of Month Start of Week Scoring BLUES

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End of Month Start of Week Scoring BLUES

Postby tmno2 » Oct 31, 2016


Here we go again!!!


It appears that things do really get tangled up on MONDAYS occurring at the close of the month, as far as trying to register one's scores is concerned.

Last time this happened, things really did not get straightened out till a new US player hit the leaderboard, then all the data worked itself out.

The monthly board remains OK at this stage, with the WEEKLY only getting it's knickers in a knot.

Registering locally for the time being till a chance player gains access to the scores.

et al

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Re: End of Month Start of Week Scoring BLUES

Postby tmno2 » Nov 01, 2016


My reading of the unresolved problem as relates to the " Solitaire 3D" scoring function is as follows:-

Whereas the WEEKLY function is set to start on the Monday AM, and the MONTHLY function starts AM on the 1st of each month, the first score registered on your servers on the WEEKLY board, was for a US participant on the 1st of November, TUESDAY.

That is all efforts to register scores by myself and others, on MONDAY 31st October, on the WEEKLY board were futile, wouldn't take, even though the response message indicated the score had been successfully lodged.

Such registration efforts though, were successfully taken up by the MONTHLY board, if they superceded the scores previously lodged.

The MONTHLY board turned over normally AM TUESDAY, 1st November, and scoring registration efforts were then accepted from that time on the WEEKLY board.

This situation does not appear to be related to the player specific devices, but directly related to your server's LEADERBOARD algorithm.

I hope this information helps in your efforts to remedy the problem.

et al.

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